WhatsApp rolls out End-to-End Encryption

The new WhatsApp update has End-to-End encryption enabled by default for text message and voice call. This new feature has been rolled out for all the users having the latest version of WhatsApp messenger.


So, what is end-to-end encryption technology?

End-to-end is a communication technology where people participating in the communication can only read the message in plain text form. Anyone intercepting the traffic can only access the encrypted message and without the decrypt key, it will just look like a string of meaningless text and number.

WhatsApp promised this feature on last to ensure more private messaging. Privacy became a matter of concern after several incidents like FBI iPhone hacking and Google handed over data to US Govt.

How to know the feature is active on your WhatsApp?

Open the messenger and go to Settings >> About and Help >> About. If the version says 2.13.556 then end-to-end encryption is enabled, else update the app to avail this update.

Other than voice and text messages this encryption is enabled for all the images, videos, document files you send using WhatsApp.


To verify your messages are actually encrypted tap on the message popped up on the new version and click on verify option. It will open up a window having a QR code and combination of number, scan the code with your contacts device or match the number to confirm encryption is working properly.


One of the rivals of WhatsApp, Telegram already had this feature for a long time but this update will surely give WhatsApp a boost.

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