How to Free up RAM in Android Smartphone

Managing RAM in lower end devices is a tough work as they have lower RAM capacity. Smartphones that are under 10,000 INR or budget smartphones have 2GB or less (1.5GB or 1GB) RAM. Having these amount of RAM user can use a limited number of applications and games in his smartphones. 2GB RAM is not enough nowadays to operate a smartphone with lots of apps.


We are here to show you how you can save and free up RAM in your Smartphone:

  • Preloaded system apps eat RAM and always run in the background. Disable that apps which you don’t use. You can do it by going to the Application Manager in the setting. In application manager, you can open selected app information and then disable it. After this application won’t run in the background.
  • Uninstall application that you don’t use. There may be some unplayed games, two or more browser, one or more photo editing software etc. Only keep that application which you use frequently or apps that you use.
  • Try not to use any antivirus or protection like software. They eat huge RAM and can also hang up your device while RAM crisis.
  • Someone uses battery protection software but you don’t need it. Because Android OS is that much smart to take care battery.
  • Use default task manager or recent app key to look at background applications. Close all background apps always.

Minimum of 400MB of free RAM is good to operate and function a smartphone normally. If you play lots of games or run many applications at a time then 500MB free RAM is not enough. ┬áThat’s why we have suggested keeping using less no of apps or apps only that you need.

We hope that this post will surely help you to recover RAM related issues.

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