How to Reduce Data usage in Android Smartphones

Android apps eat a lot of mobile data while you are using it or not. When you turn on mobile data, apps installed in your Android Smartphone starts syncing with the internet and uploads user data and also downloads information like push notifications. The whole process eats up so much internet without you noticing it; I think now got an idea how your internet pack finished so fast in Android.

In this tutorial, I’ll describe some techniques using them you can reduce the data usage significantly.  Follow the tricks mentioned below to reduce unnecessary data usage by apps on your phone.

Reduce data usage in Android:

  1. Turn off Sync. Only use it when you need this. Or you can turn it on when you are connected to WiFi. If you turn it on every app, try to upload and download details from their respective server.
  2. Open Settings > Data Usage > Here you can check which apps used how much mobile data > tap on the app that which you don’t want to eat background data > then check “Restrict Background Data.” Then the app will stop using data.
  3. In case of Android Marshmallow or higher Android OS when you open an app for the 1st time they user need to give some permission of several things like camera, contacts, mic, internet connection etc. If you think that the app can run without internet, then do not give access to the web.
  4. You can limit your smartphones internet usage in the data usage setting. Setting the internet usage limit, your Android smartphone will automatically disable internet access while internet usage reaches up to the mark.
  5. Turn off automatic software updates for the Android OS and the Play-Store apps. You can turn on updates over WiFi only.
  6. You can always turn off mobile data when you don’t use it.
  7. Uninstall those apps which you do not use.
  8. In the case of some apps or games which do not need an internet connection, when you use it while mobile data turned on they show advertisements. Use that app while mobile data turned off or follow 2nd step to turn off background data.

Bonus Tip: You can use Opera Max app to know which app is eating most of the data and control the usage with the app.

By following these measures, you can reduce mobile data usage in the background. If you know any other trick, we are missing in this article; please share in the comment section. Keep following us for more updates like this.

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