How to enable Two-Step Verification in WhatsApp

With the increase of identity thefts and data leaks tech companies taking different measures to secure users. WhatsApp Messenger is not far behind in this rally. Previously they introduced end to end encryption and now two-factor authentication. Whatsapp is a very widely used messaging platform by all smartphone users.

The recent update included this widely used authentication feature in the app. So if you want to enable this feature, you must update the app now.  Two-step verification is a very secure way to avoid unauthorized access to your account and messages. In this tutorial, we will discuss how to enable the feature on your phone.

Steps to Enable Two-step verification in WhatsApp:

  1. First, update your WhatsApp application to the latest version from play store.
    Select Two-step verification

    For this- open play store>swipe from left> open my apps & games> check if any updates available for your WhatsApp Messenger.

  2. If you are already logged into your WhatsApp Messenger, then open WhatsApp and then go to settings.
  3. Then click on Account section and choose two-step verification option.
  4. Now tap on Enable, then in the new window, you will be asked to put a six digit passcode, which will be used later when you again register your mobile number. Insert again for confirmation.
  5. Now in the new window, you will be asked to put your email id. It will be used to recover your six digit passcode. Recovery code will be mailed to you in provided email id. You can skip this step if you think that you will never forget your passcode. (Not Recommended)
  6. After entering your email id click on confirm and it will automatically say that
    Enter New six digit passcode

    applying settings, now you are done.

So you are all set and successfully enabled two-step verification in your WhatsApp Messenger.

While logging put your six digit passcode

Now if you have changed your device or you are re-logging into your account then after the mobile number OTP you have to put the six digit passcode to log in, if you have forgotten your passcode then you can always use your email id for recovery.

Some safety tips:

  • Don’t download WhatsApp from any untrusted source to get this feature.
  • Link your account to an email address only trusted contacts knows.

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